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When a swanky Connecticut agency was losing ground with Vaseline, they called for backup. Seven hours later I pitched my ‘Skin is Amazing’ campaign and I went from jump seat to Racer X  by milk and cookie time. My campaign went global.

  • From Dry to Amazing In Just Five Days

  • Arm Your Skin

Del Monte

Del Monte was looking to produce a new commercial for their Fruit Chillers line. Lucky for them I love dessert. I wrote several TV spots for their 'Mommy Time-Out' campaign, highlighting cure-all remedies for humorous family catastrophes.

  • Customer Satisfaction Line

  • Game Closet Chiller-gram

  • Same Time Tomorrow


Heineken needed some ideas for their new mini CO2 Technology kegs. I obliged and created their Good-Bye/Hello Heineken campaign for TV and interactive channels.

  • Good-By Yesterday. Hello Heineken

  • Good-Bye Foam. Hello Heineken

  • Good-Bye Cruel World. Hello Heineken

PG & E

You never saw anyone more grateful than PG&E when I agreed to lend a hand in the midst of their grizzly media slam. They needed some good PR so I wrote a spot for their Solar Schools program promoting renewable energy (CBS). Don’t tell Erin Brockovich.

  • Solar Schools

Martha Stewart

After writing a print ad and a couple commercials for Martha, I wrote her tagline for her Everyday Paint brand and also named the entire line using the indigenous wildlife and colors around her three homes (country, sea and city) for inspiration.

  • You can find them at Sears or K-Mart, but you can take them anywhere.

Kiwi Shoe Polish

Kiwi needed a re-boot. My new positioning for Kiwi highlighted polished shoes from the knees down, of everyone from celebrities to the average Joe—doing the things we do: dancing, working, hanky-panky, etc. My campaign took off like gangbusters and is still going strong.

  • Do you Kiwi?

Cadbury France

Everyone loves these candies in the cool tins, but when it came to La Vie Bonbons and Vichy mints, sales had dropped off a cliff. Turns out consumers weren’t buying because shopkeepers weren’t stocking their shelves. After I redirected the brand's positioning to the shopkeeper, revenues went from bleak to sweet overnight.

  • For tongues in every flavor

  • Lick a Vichy today


New York Times 

Among the many campaigns I created for their partners (NASCAR, Apple, Saab, LinkedIn, Beijing Olympics), whilst serving as the sole copywriter at the Times, I also wrote some of those cool taglines on the rag's cover.

  • I subscribe to 156 Years of Newsmaking

  • I subscribe to a world of ideas


LinkedIn wanted some clout, which came in the form of America's iconic newspaper: The New York Times. And the Times wanted to be ushered into the digital age. It was a match made in cyber heaven. 

  • Yo, Big Shot / Hey Bigwig

  • How to Become a Mover and Shaker in 1 Easy Step

  • Being a Know-it-All Has its Advantages

American Express

Amex needed an ad for their new Open charge card. My 'Open For Business' campaign launched across print and interactive channels. Ka-ching.

  • The power of No

  • Limitless


Panasonic had a new off-brand wi-fi for in-flight entertainment and needed a new ad campaign to go with it. My @Altitude campaign was splattered across airports coast-to-coast.

  • Be Free

  • Do you sky-fi?

  • Surfing @Altitude

AMC (American Movie Classics)

AMC needed some fresh ideas, so I created a series of TV spots and slogans they're still using today.

  • The way movies were meant to be

  • Hollywood, like you remember it

  • We’ll take you back

Mars Chocolate

Mars Chocolate was looking to reposition their brand. After an intensive search and rescue mission, I positioned their origin story to speak to the universal affinity we have for chocolate. I then leveraged this new positioning to create their ‘For the Love of Chocolate’ campaign. Yum. 

  • For the love of chocolate.


One of NYC's largest PR firms was having a tough time selling a new media guide for Amazon's consumer electronics online store. They brought me in to position their new program and create a multi-channel campaign (print, interactive, broadcast). The result? My campaign generated Amazon's highest earnings in the category.

  • Come in from the confusion

  • It's a jungle out there

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